30 of the most dangerous movie stunts

Some survived these perilous stunts, while others didn’t make it alive

Flipping the Joker’s truck over (The Dark Knight, 2008)

30 of the most dangerous movie stunts 1

In the second instalment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, the crew literally flipped a truck over as part of a gripping chase sequence in which the Joker (Heath Ledger) pursues Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), thinking he’s Batman (Christian Bale). But the real Batman attaches the Joker’s tractor-trailer with super cables to the street of Gotham, causing it to tumble upon itself.

At the helm of the cartwheeling 18-wheeler truck was stuntman Jim Wilkey, who only had one chance to get it right. Wilkey survived the stunt without a scratch, and the no-CGI truck flip appears in one continuous take in the film.