30 of the most dangerous movie stunts

Some survived these perilous stunts, while others didn’t make it alive

Corkscrew car jump (The Man with the Golden Gun, 1974)

30 of the most dangerous movie stunts 1

Though considered by many as the worst James Bond movie ever, The Man with the Golden Gun features one of the most spectacular stunts in the 007 series. At a key moment in the Guy Hamilton-directed flick, Bond (Roger Moore) steals a red AMC Hornet from a car showroom ― coincidentally with a vacationing Sheriff J.W. Pepper (Clifton James) in the passenger seat ― to chase down the villainous Scaramanga (Christopher Lee). During the chase, Bond and Pepper find themselves on the other side of a river, forcing the former to not only jump the Hornet over the river, but also twist it in midair.

The corkscrew car jump was performed by stunt driver Loren “Bumps” Willert. According to Hamilton, Willert “had never driven the car before or ever done it” but “he wasn’t concerned because as long as it had the run-up, so long as it’s 48 miles per hour, the rest is automatic. You hang on, cross your fingers, and bingo he did it in one take.” Some people didn’t believe that they actually did the stunt, so Willert did it once again for an assembled crowd that included about 100 press people from Europe.