30 of the most dangerous movie stunts

Some survived these perilous stunts, while others didn’t make it alive

Batmobile blowing up (The Dark Knight, 2008)

30 of the most dangerous movie stunts 1

Actors and stuntmen aren’t the only people who put their lives on the line every time a stunt is being rehearsed or filmed. For instance, special effects technician Conway Wickliffe was killed while rehearsing a portion of The Dark Knight’s climactic chase scene in which the Batmobile is blown up.

Wickliffe, 41, was riding in the back seat of a Nissan 4×4 when the car crashed into a tree at 20mph. He had been leaning out of the window and operating a camera, which was shooting a stunt car traveling parallel to the vehicle he’s riding. According to The Guardian, the Nissan, driven by another special effects technician, Bruce Monroe-Armstrong, failed to make the 90-degree turn required at the end of its run and hit a tree.