30 of the most dangerous movie stunts

Some survived these perilous stunts, while others didn’t make it alive

Jackie Chan sliding down a six-story vertical pole (Police Story, 1985)

30 of the most dangerous movie stunts 1

In the latter part of Police Story, a briefcase containing important pieces of evidence falls to the bottom of the mall’s atrium where it is picked up by the mob boss. Desperate and out of options, cop Chan Ka-Kui (Jackie Chan) launches himself off the guard rail from the mall’s top floor and slides down a six-story vertical pole. Electric lights shoot sparks all around him as he slams through strings of decorative lights on his way down. Ka-Kui lands by crashing through a glass panel into a kiosk. And without missing a beat, he hops back on his feet and detains his adversary.

The stunt, of course, was performed by Chan himself, who actually did the scene not once, not twice, but thrice. The action sequence is considered by many as one of the most dangerous movie stunts, as Chan and his team did not rehearse the scene. According to Film School Rejects, there were also no wires, crash mats, or safety nets, so if Chan missed the pole there would be nothing to catch him or break his fall.