25 villains disguised as good guys

Benevolent movie characters that are actually evil all along

Edwin in Predators

25 villains disguised as good guys 1

For most of the 2010 sci-fi action film Predators, Edwin (Topher Grace) seemed fairly ordinary compared to the rest of the characters. In fact, at some point in the movie, the main protagonist Royce (Adrien Brody) commented that Edwin didn’t seem to belong. However, near the end, Edwin revealed himself to be a serial killer.

Embodying the traits of a true psychopath, Edwin disguised himself as an innocent and kind man to lull his peers into a state of security while masking his true colors as a cold, merciless serial killer. As a result, he was duplicitous and manipulative, only revealing his true character in moments where nobody beyond his victims could see him for what he was.