25 villains disguised as good guys

Benevolent movie characters that are actually evil all along

Patrick Morgan in Wonder Woman

25 villains disguised as good guys 1

Played by David Thewlis, Patrick Morgan was introduced in 2017’s Wonder Woman as a member of the Imperial War Cabinet who avidly advocated for peace in front of the Supreme War Council. But later in the Patty Jenkins-directed movie, Patrick was revealed to be Ares, the titular character’s (Gal Gadot) deceiving half-brother and the Greek god of war, who just assumed a human guise to bring about his ultimate plan of global annihilation.

The reveal of Patrick’s true identity worked really well, as the character was depicted as an unassuming British politician at the beginning of the film. His expansive and suspicious-looking mustache, however, should have been an indication of his evil nature.