25 of the biggest Hollywood paydays

Here are some of the largest paychecks earned by movie stars

Sandra Bullock – $70 million (Gravity, 2013)

25 of the biggest Hollywood paydays 1

Sandra Bullock got an upfront payment of $20 million for her role as Dr. Ryan Stone in the 2013 sci-fi thriller Gravity. While that’s already impressive on its own, the actress also received an additional $50 million, thanks to her deal that included 15% of box-office revenue. So after Gravity earned $723 million at the worldwide box office, the Oscar-winning actress brought in a combined payday of $70 million.

Directed by Alfonso Cuarón, Gravity stars Bullock and George Clooney as American astronauts who are stranded in space and attempt to return to Earth after the mid-orbit destruction of their Space Shuttle.