25 of the biggest Hollywood paydays

Here are some of the largest paychecks earned by movie stars

Leonardo DiCaprio – $50 million (Inception, 2010)

25 of the biggest Hollywood paydays 1

When Leonardo DiCaprio got the role of Dom Cobb in 2010’s Inception, it was not clear how well the sci-fi action movie would perform at the box office. Finding the film so “risky,” DiCaprio reportedly took a pay cut. According to Forbes, he and director Christopher Nolan ultimately agreed to split first dollar gross points, which resulted in him earning a $50 million paycheck for the movie.

With a massive production budget of $160 million, Inception grossed $836 million at the worldwide box office. In addition to DiCaprio’s hefty paycheck from the film’s box-office earnings, his deal also included home video and television sales.