15 incredibly silly crowdfunded projects that’ll leave you scratching your head

These ridiculous Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects made it pretty far

#3 DIY Cardboard Musical Keyboard Kit

Cardboard Keyboard
Something tells us that this keyboard is not waterproof

This is a cardboard DIY keyboard, which comes with a circuit-board equipped with Bluetooth technology, as well as wired MIDI ports, allowing you to build a fully-functioning musical keyboard – the keys are even pressure sensitive, and you can use it as a synthesizer too. This is actually pretty impressive. The KAMI-OTO  DIY Cardboard Musical Keyboard Kit hasn’t reached its funding target yet, so if you’re as impressed as I unashamedly am, then maybe consider backing it. But that’s just it, it’s a cool concept – but why in the world would anyone need a cardboard keyboard in the first place? Better yet, what happens if you spill your coffee on it?