15 incredibly silly crowdfunded projects that’ll leave you scratching your head

These ridiculous Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects made it pretty far

#14 Trainerbot: Smart Table Tennis Robot

Trainerbot is a highly-advanced robot, programmed to play table tennis against a human opponent. “Oh wow” you might say “a robot that can help you get better at table tennis, that’s awesome!”. Yes, that’s what Trainerbot is, for now at least, but you’ll excuse me if I don’t join you in your celebrations because what we’re looking at here, is the beginning of the end for mankind. Today it is ping-pong balls that Trainerbot is firing out with pinpoint accuracy, but tomorrow? Bullets. Grenades. Sharp stuff. You can pre-order a Trainerbot now if you’d like, but don’t come crying to me when you’ve brought about the downfall of the entire human race.