15 incredibly silly crowdfunded projects that’ll leave you scratching your head

These ridiculous Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects made it pretty far

#11 Puglet Performance

The one and only Puglet mind you

Some ideas come from such a place of pure human goodness and love, that they’re almost too much to handle. Like the sun, which keeps us alive with its radioactive, life-giving rays, these ideas can’t be looked at directly, for risk of their pure loveliness burning the retina of our soul. Puglet is one of those ideas. This quest to recreate one of the Bard’s most famous tragedies, fortunately, did not end in one, dozens of pugs hit the stage for a one-off special performance a few years back, but don’t worry(!!!) you can stream a recording of that performance here, for the absolutely tiny sum of $15.