15 incredibly silly crowdfunded projects that’ll leave you scratching your head

These ridiculous Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects made it pretty far

What did we do before crowdfunding? Had a lot less cool $hit, I guess. Since the inception of Kickstarter and Indiegogo, thousands of worthwhile causes have received funding. Lifelong dreams and ambitions have been fulfilled, projects and products that have enriched the world might never have done so, if not for crowdfunding.

There’s also been some pretty mad, pointless and downright dumb stuff on there too, and that’s what we’ll be looking at here.


#1 Amabrush – The automatic toothbrush that isn’t actually a toothbrush

screenshot 152 - 15 incredibly silly crowdfunded projects that'll leave you scratching your head
Even the paid models are laughing while using it

Amabrush is a testament to our current obsession with reclaiming lost or wasted time. It’s an automatic toothbrush that looks like some kind of deep-sea cucumber and brushes your teeth – even better than you can – in just 10 seconds. 10 seconds! Imagine the things you’ll do each day with those 3 and half minutes that Amabrush has allowed you to regain! Ok, but before you start making plans, Amabrush isn’t quite ready yet. They’ve exceeded the funding goal – amassing over $3 million – and plan to launch the product in July 2018. Until then, your boring old manual toothbrush will have to do.


#2 Catolet – The cat toilet

catolet - 15 incredibly silly crowdfunded projects that'll leave you scratching your head
We’re not sure if the cat is confused or just ashamed

Catolet is, as you might imagine and hope, a cat toilet. It’s an automatic toilet, which knows when your cat – or small dog, I suppose, has pooped in it and automatically flushes it all away – once your pet has safely vacated the area. Catolet comes in a variety of colors, sizes and styles and for some unknowable reason, even has its own app, which connects your phone to the Catolet, because why the hell not, right? All you have to do is teach your cat to use a toilet, then plumb this bad boy in to your actual water supply, and your days of cleaning litter-trays are over.


#3 DIY Cardboard Musical Keyboard Kit

cardboard keyboard - 15 incredibly silly crowdfunded projects that'll leave you scratching your head
Something tells us that this keyboard is not waterproof

This is a cardboard DIY keyboard, which comes with a circuit-board equipped with Bluetooth technology, as well as wired MIDI ports, allowing you to build a fully-functioning musical keyboard – the keys are even pressure sensitive, and you can use it as a synthesizer too. This is actually pretty impressive. The KAMI-OTO  DIY Cardboard Musical Keyboard Kit hasn’t reached its funding target yet, so if you’re as impressed as I unashamedly am, then maybe consider backing it. But that’s just it, it’s a cool concept – but why in the world would anyone need a cardboard keyboard in the first place? Better yet, what happens if you spill your coffee on it?


#4 Putting a TARDIS into orbit – really!

tardis space mission 1024x576 - 15 incredibly silly crowdfunded projects that'll leave you scratching your head

This boastfully titled bid to launch a replica of Doctor Who’s Tardis (spaceship/time-machine) into orbit garnered just short of $90k in funding – more than meeting its target. That was back in 2015 though, so why don’t you remember seeing its launch into space on the news? Well because as far as we know, it hasn’t happened – yet! I for one am still holding out hope for this one. This one doesn’t seem like a waste of time, money and resources at all to me, not even a little.


#5 Lionel Richie’s Head

lionel richie head 1024x683 - 15 incredibly silly crowdfunded projects that'll leave you scratching your head

Hello, is it a giant recreation of Lionel Richie’s head you’re looking for? If so, you’re in the right place. What started off as a crazy dream, to make a giant recreation of Lionel Richie’s head and take it to a music festival, eventually became a reality in 2013, thanks to the magic of crowdfunding and the kind, if slightly misguided, donations of over 200 people. The head was taken to a British music festival, Bestival, exhibited as the piece of art it truly is and briefly worshipped, by a group of men who’d come to the festival in Lionel Richie fancy dress.

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