13 Wacky Bitcoin tales of woe and happiness

Thinking of investing in Bitcoin? Read these nutty stories first.

#8 The Holy War on Bitcoin

Image Credit: Alarabiya / AFP

Though Bitcoin is now surging massively in popularity – even my Grandma has now heard of it – not everyone is getting behind crypto-currencies quite yet. Case in point, Egypt’s most highly regarded religious cleric started 2018 by issuing a strongly-worded fatwa (religious edict) against Bitcoin, citing Australian researchers, who’ve monitored Bitcoin for years and found that more than 50% of transactions using it are in some way illegal. It’s not clear though, whether the fatwa has had the desired effect, because it has been reported that there has been a surge in interest in the currency since – specifically among those who until the fatwa had never heard of it. Oops!

Source: Times of Israel