13 Wacky Bitcoin tales of woe and happiness

Thinking of investing in Bitcoin? Read these nutty stories first.

#7 The Bitcoin Sheriff

Credit: NewsBTC

Up until not that long ago, the majority of us might have only thought of bitcoin as something to purchase illicit materials with. Drugs, guns, or perhaps an assassin to show that kid who used to push you around in 8th grade who’s boss now! Just me? Well anyway, you probably wouldn’t have thought of it as something that the police Sheriff of a tiny hamlet in Kentucky would be all that interested in, but you’d be wrong! Way back in 2013, Tony Vaughn requested that he receive his wages in Bitcoin, and the city obliged. Back then BTC was worth around £1200, so if Mr. Vaughn put any of his wages away back then, he probably doesn’t have to do much working anymore.